Music at Mount Calvary

As we are reminded by the inscription found on our organ, Veni Creator Spiritus, the purpose of music at Mount Calvary is to invite the Holy Spirit into our hearts and lives. Gathering each week to worship Almighty God, we strive to offer up to Him music that is worthy of His Name, music of depth and beauty performed at the highest standards.

In each service, we sing ancient plainchant melodies that have adorned the sacred texts of the liturgy for many centuries. We also sing polyphonic anthems drawn primarily from the Renaissance period, a time when the finest composers in Europe wrote choral music for the church. This music has a sublime beauty that evokes a spirit of reverence and worship. It has a spiritual depth often lacking in the everyday music of our time, both secular and sacred.

As an Anglican Use parish within the Roman Catholic Church, Mt Calvary continues a tradition of choral excellence inherited from its Anglican patrimony. The choir consists of professional singers and highly skilled volunteers. It provides music for the 10:00 am service on Sundays and principal feast days from September through May. Singers interested in joining the choir are invited to contact the choirmaster.

We hope that you will join us at Mount Calvary in lifting up Christ in the beauty of holiness.


The Organ

Built in 1961, the organ at Mount Calvary was the result of a collaboration between the famous Dutch organ builder, Dirk Flentrop, and Charles Fisk, the owner of the Andover Organ Company.

One of the first instruments of its kind in the United States, this organ is particularly significant for its tonal design, which closely follows the model established by the famous North German Baroque organ builder, Gottfried Silbermann. The case design is based on the Gothic organ case in Amiens Cathedral in France. For more information about this wonderful instrument, please visit

This Week's Calendar

  • Monday - March 4
    Monday in the Third Week of Lent
    St Casimir No Public Mass
  • Tuesday - March 5
    Tuesday in the Third Week of Lent
    8:00 am - Morning Prayer
    8:30 am - Spoken Mass
    9:30 am - Legion of Mary
  • Wednesday - March 6
    Wednesday in the Third Week of Lent
    12:10 pm - Spoken Mass
  • Thursday - March 7
    Thursday in the Third Week of Lent
    8:00 am - Morning Prayer
    8:30 am - Spoken Mass
  • Friday - March 8
    Friday in the Third Week of Lent
    St John of God, Religious
    No Public Mass
    6:00 pm - Soup and Stations
  • Saturday - March 9
    Saturday in the Third Week of Lent
    St Frances of Rome, Religious
    Blessed Virgin Mary: Mass of St Mary 3
    No Public Mass
  • Sunday - March 10
    Fourth Sunday in Lent
    9:00 am - Morning Prayer
    9:30 am - Confession
    10:00 am - Sung Mass
    11:30 am - Brunch
  • Monday - March 11
    Monday in the Fourth Week of Lent
    No Public Mass

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Mount Calvary Catholic Church
816 N. Eutaw Street
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Phone: (410) 728-6140

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Mount Calvary is a Roman Catholic parish of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter. The fruit of Pope Benedict XVI's apostolic constitution Anglicanorum coetibus, the Ordinariate is a nation-wide diocese for Catholics from an Anglican/Episcopalian background who seek to preserve their Anglican heritage...

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Mount Calvary Church
816 N. Eutaw Street
Baltimore, MD 21201-4624

Phone: (410) 728-6140

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